Mazda Mazda3 2010

4.7 (96 votes)


  • Optional navigation system
  • Redesigned for 2010
  • Sedan or hatchback
  • New 2.5-liter four-cylinder
  • Manual or automatic transmission


  • Clown-faced front-end styling
  • Faux-metal interior trim
  • Fuel economy compared to other small cars
  • Somewhat firm ride
  • Navigation system too small
  • Too much lumbar support for some


  • Manual shifter
  • 2.5-liter engine power
  • Handling
  • Upscale options
  • Hatchback versatility
  • Interior quality

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A Lain

6309 100TH ST NE, MARYSVILLE, WA 98270-2117

VIN: JM1BL1SG0A1296259

Aaron Briggs

14505 NE 20th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98686-1488

VIN: JM1BL1H65A1199461

Adam Byrd

5402 NE 70TH CIR, VANCOUVER, WA 98661-1494

VIN: JM1BL1H65A1291007

Alan Fink

22120 NE 26TH PL, SAMMAMISH, WA 98074-6443

VIN: JM1BL1S61A1103012

Alex Wheeler

5634 4TH AVE NW, SEATTLE, WA 98107-2717

VIN: JM1BL1H62A1259146

Alice Chang

6301 204TH DR NE, REDMOND, WA 98053-7833

VIN: JM1BL1SG9A1151124

Alice Chung

6204 SE 2ND LN, RENTON, WA 98059-7070

VIN: JM1BL1SG3A1220180

Alice Day

16421 MCRAE RD NW, ARLINGTON, WA 98223-8030

VIN: JM1BL1S61A1136740

Amanda Howell

11146 LUTHER AVE S, SEATTLE, WA 98178-2834

VIN: JM1BL1S64A1221913

Amy Flynn

22611 109TH PL SE # 32, KENT, WA 98031-2687

VIN: JM1BL1H6XA1131351

Amy Thorpe

1806 SW 110TH ST, SEATTLE, WA 98146-2075

VIN: JM1BL1S66A1103605

Amy Upchurch

990 NE LARSON BLVD, BELFAIR, WA 98528-9015

VIN: JM1BL1SG7A1209845

Ana Nelson

16410 60TH AVE W, LYNNWOOD, WA 98037-8310

VIN: JM1BL1SG5A1241774

Ana Santa

4401 NE 94TH ST, VANCOUVER, WA 98665-9444

VIN: JM1BL1H64A1153393

Anand Kumar

6147 S 125TH ST, SEATTLE, WA 98178-3547

VIN: JM1BL1S64A1278502

Andrew Richter

9046 SE WILLOCK RD, OLALLA, WA 98359-9660

VIN: JM1BL1SG9A1282697

Andrew Schaffer

209 9TH ST, BREMERTON, WA 98337-4607

VIN: JM1BL1H62A1164649

Angela Houston

4216 17TH WAY NE, OLYMPIA, WA 98516-3735

VIN: JM1BL1H60A1263891

Angela Smithson

440 GRADY WAY, BELLINGHAM, WA 98226-2202

VIN: JM1BL1H54A1212899

Ann Griff

24591 NE VINE MAPLE WAY, REDMOND, WA 98053-5678

VIN: JM1BL1H62A1131103

Anne Fairchild

20742 SE 3RD WAY, SAMMAMISH, WA 98074-3818

VIN: JM1BL1SG2A1145262

Anthony Lind

5305 190TH PL NE, SAMMAMISH, WA 98074-4622

VIN: JM1BL1S67A1253478

Arthur Baldwin

8610 171ST AVE NE, REDMOND, WA 98052-3744

VIN: JM1BL1S69A1224421

Ashley Austin

29205 2ND AVE SW, FEDERAL WAY, WA 98023-3503

VIN: JM1BL1S60A1341708

Ashley Henry

14114 SE 168TH ST, RENTON, WA 98058-8515

VIN: JM1BL1SG6A1215670

Ashley Rice

13313 21ST PL W, LYNNWOOD, WA 98087-6074

VIN: JM1BL1S69A1138316

Barbara Dahl

17112 44TH AVE W APT B201, LYNNWOOD, WA 98037-3176

VIN: JM1BL1SG2A1257480

Barbara Seitz

1090 SW HARPER RD, PORT ORCHARD, WA 98367-9306

VIN: JM1BL1SG7A1261797

Becky Phillips


VIN: JM1BL1S62A1254988

Becky Walker

19927 SUNNYSIDE DR N, SHORELINE, WA 98133-2797

VIN: JM1BL1S68A1339818

Benjamin Foley

520 239TH AVE SE, SAMMAMISH, WA 98074-3633

VIN: JM1BL1SG7A1304065

Benjamin Witt

16625 SE 46TH ST, BELLEVUE, WA 98006-8929

VIN: JM1BL1SG2A1295601

Betty Kenney

26203 MARINE VIEW DR S, DES MOINES, WA 98198-9127

VIN: JM1BL1H62A1143994

Bradley Dodson

2004 NE 52ND ST, SEATTLE, WA 98105-3344

VIN: JM1BL1H6XA1222717

Brandon Hayes

1705 W TIETON AVE, SPOKANE, WA 99208-5083

P: (509) 464-0361

VIN: JM1BL1SG7A1223003

Brenda Biggs


VIN: JM1BL1SG6A1161271

Brent Craig

6703 7TH AVE NW, SEATTLE, WA 98117-5022

VIN: JM1BL1H64A1161073

Brian Howland

21240 SE 271ST PL, MAPLE VALLEY, WA 98038-3144

VIN: JM1BL1SG2A1139638

Brian Logue

7720 246TH AVE NE, REDMOND, WA 98053-8604

VIN: JM1BL1H6XA1231613

Brian Moses

15008 E 24TH AVE, SPOKANE VLY, WA 99037-8310

VIN: JM1BL1S64A1254670

Brian Wayman

13703 31ST DR SE, MILL CREEK, WA 98012-5686

VIN: JM1BL1S68A1143023

Brittany Lane

11707 261ST AVENUE CT E, BUCKLEY, WA 98321-9054

VIN: JM1BL1SG1A1113645

Bruce Frost

14720 65TH DR SE, SNOHOMISH, WA 98296-5293

VIN: JM1BL1SG8A1269939

Bruce Guy

4065 BLUFF LN NE, BAINBRIDGE IS, WA 98110-2206

VIN: JM1BL1SG7A1240559

Bruce Paul

16605 252ND AVE SE, ISSAQUAH, WA 98027-5902

VIN: JM1BL1SG8A1165757

Bruce Skinner

4232 E 25TH AVE, SPOKANE, WA 99223-5670

VIN: JM1BL1SG5A1137673

Bruce Snell

3822 51ST AVENUE CT NW, GIG HARBOR, WA 98335-8016

VIN: JM1BL1SGXA1135627

Bryan Page

2809 124TH ST NW, GIG HARBOR, WA 98332-9401

VIN: JM1BL1H68A1303702

C Faucher

2409 62ND AVE E APT 25-203, FIFE, WA 98424-3555

VIN: JM1BL1SG8A1225892

C Nicosia

16900 NE 226TH CIR, BATTLE GROUND, WA 98604-4735

VIN: JM1BL1SG6A1307815

C Wax

2012 239TH PL SE, BOTHELL, WA 98021-9572

VIN: JM1BL1SG5A1155039

Candace Nelson

424 SE 8TH ST, COLLEGE PLACE, WA 99324-1640

VIN: JM1BL1SG8A1295540

Carl Gillis

12205 147TH STREET CT E, PUYALLUP, WA 98374-3587

VIN: JM1BL1H69A1309413

Carl Prince

8437 MOONLIGHT WAY, BLAINE, WA 98230-9535

VIN: JM1BL1H6XA1159988

Carla Johnston

9524 11TH AVE NW, SEATTLE, WA 98117-2250

VIN: JM1BL1SG7A1206380

Carol Shear

7571 OLD REDMOND RD APT 10, REDMOND, WA 98052-6852

VIN: JM1BL1SG4A1210046

Carol Swan

8990 COOLIDGE RD, YAKIMA, WA 98903-9610

VIN: JM1BL1H69A1336577

Carole Swanson

2921 12TH AVE S, SEATTLE, WA 98144-5702

VIN: JM1BL1H6XA1196877

Carolyn Swan

8990 COOLIDGE RD, YAKIMA, WA 98903-9610

VIN: JM1BL1H69A1336577

Catherine Hunt

15106 110th Pl NE, Bothell, WA 98011-4814

P: (425) 488-7045

VIN: JM1BL1H62A1304201

Catherine Kelley

2183 RAY RD, SUNNYSIDE, WA 98944-9291

VIN: JM1BL1SG3A1137736

Charles Heinz

5214 MARSHALL AVE SE, AUBURN, WA 98092-8708

VIN: JM1BL1S63A1195126

Charlie Gordon

1608 E PIONEER, PUYALLUP, WA 98372-3512

VIN: JM1BL1SG5A1130206

Chen Zhen

7510 AGATE DR SW, LAKEWOOD, WA 98498-6224

VIN: JM1BL1SG2A1211356

Christin Fitzgerald

8117 57TH AVE NW, GIG HARBOR, WA 98332-8400

VIN: JM1BL1S6XA1104188

Christina Haines

29924 2ND AVE S, FEDERAL WAY, WA 98003-4304

VIN: JM1BL1SG1A1309486

Christine Fitzgerald

8117 57TH AVE NW, GIG HARBOR, WA 98332-8400

VIN: JM1BL1S6XA1104188

Christine Lyons

5227 38TH AVE SW UNIT A, SEATTLE, WA 98126-2869

VIN: JM1BL1SG6A1271110

Christopher Keene

8022 146TH AVE NE, REDMOND, WA 98052-3403

VIN: JM1BL1SG9A1213721

Christopher Mackay

5711 PHINNEY AVE N APT 104, SEATTLE, WA 98103-5848

VIN: JM1BL1H6XA1334997

Christopher Nutt

17569 110TH LN SE, RENTON, WA 98055-6480

VIN: JM1BL1SG1A1308340

Christopher Pham

203 153RD PL SE, BELLEVUE, WA 98007-5236

VIN: JM1BL1H65A1131127

Cindy Palmer

15321 84TH ST NE, LAKE STEVENS, WA 98258-8833

VIN: JM1BL1S65A1341011

Claude Watkins

1506 WALNUT ST, EVERETT, WA 98201-1938

VIN: JM1BL1H63A1109921

Claudia Barnett

9315 N COURSIER LN, SPOKANE, WA 99208-5361

VIN: JM1BL1H63A1136116

Colleen Crawford

1922 152ND ST SW, LYNNWOOD, WA 98087-8766

VIN: JM1BL1SG5A1335069

Corrine Hall

9330 212TH ST SE, SNOHOMISH, WA 98296-7164

VIN: JM1BL1SG2A1199483

Curtis Grant

13421 ROAD E SE, OTHELLO, WA 99344-9155

VIN: JM1BL1SGXA1225344

Cynthia Hess

9747 61ST AVE S, SEATTLE, WA 98118-5824

VIN: JM1BL1H65A1235665

Dale Boyce

5904 57TH DR NE, MARYSVILLE, WA 98270-9032

VIN: JM1BL1S61A1165509

Dan Farnsworth

15505 DAYTON AVE N, SHORELINE, WA 98133-5907

VIN: JM1BL1SG6A1256431

Daniel Arndt

14727 27TH AVE NW, MARYSVILLE, WA 98271-8180

VIN: JM1BL1S66A1133171

Daniel Coble

7010 277TH PL NW, STANWOOD, WA 98292-5988

VIN: JM1BL1H69A1309704

Daniel Farnsworth

15505 DAYTON AVE N, SHORELINE, WA 98133-5907

VIN: JM1BL1SG6A1256431

Daniel Glick

121 27TH AVE E, SEATTLE, WA 98112-5424

VIN: JM1BL1SG4A1235593

Daniel Nye

8609 173RD AVE NE, REDMOND, WA 98052-3218

VIN: JM1BL1H6XA1345126

Daniel Shear

7571 OLD REDMOND RD APT 10, REDMOND, WA 98052-6852

VIN: JM1BL1H68A1210954

David Ballew

1221 GRAND AVE, EVERETT, WA 98201-1510

VIN: JM1BL1SG1A1256479

David Gluck

515 119TH AVE NE, LAKE STEVENS, WA 98258-8019

VIN: JM1BL1S62A1223353

David Gumm

610 213TH ST SW, BOTHELL, WA 98021-8100

VIN: JM1BL1SGXA1164696

David Holleran


VIN: JM1BL1S63A1251131

David Morehouse

2652A NW 59TH ST, SEATTLE, WA 98107-3253

VIN: JM1BL1H67A1324752

David Piscitelli

9916 244TH PL NE, REDMOND, WA 98053-8634

VIN: JM1BL1SG9A1283249

David Roose

7025 106TH ST E, PUYALLUP, WA 98373-4033

VIN: JM1BL1S60A1137457

David Roose

7025 106TH ST E, PUYALLUP, WA 98373-4033

VIN: JM1BL1SG6A1136340

Dawn Bartlett

3732 179TH PL NE, ARLINGTON, WA 98223-7710

VIN: JM1BL1SG4A1217109

Dean Black

13416 NE 6TH CT, VANCOUVER, WA 98685-2805

VIN: JM1BL1H65A1282386

Debbie Tucker

4525 SE 4TH ST, RENTON, WA 98059-5116

VIN: JM1BL1H60A1188870

Debra Potter

3890 Whitman Ave N Apt 202, Seattle, WA 98103-8775

P: (206) 548-0795

VIN: JM1BL1H63A1264341

Denise Milligan

945 N 84TH ST, SEATTLE, WA 98103-4329

VIN: JM1BL1S6XA1132931

Denise Sellers

16091 Clear Creek Rd NW, Poulsbo, WA 98370-8288

P: (360) 598-2279

VIN: JM1BL1H67A1113390

Dennis Eng

7616 NE 323RD CT, CAMAS, WA 98607-9173

VIN: JM1BL1H64A1128882

Dennis Leigh

102 183RD ST SW, BOTHELL, WA 98012-6206

VIN: JM1BL1S62A1103701

Diane Marr

4603 KINGSWAY, ANACORTES, WA 98221-3207

VIN: JM1BL1H62A1290266

Diann Rose

10742 8TH AVE SW, SEATTLE, WA 98146-2103

VIN: JM1BL1SG2A1153572

Dianne Rose

10742 8TH AVE SW, SEATTLE, WA 98146-2103

VIN: JM1BL1SG2A1153572

Diem Pham

805 CHERRY ST, SEATTLE, WA 98104-1928

VIN: JM1BL1SG1A1165566

Douglas Durham

1504 N GRANT ST, KENNEWICK, WA 99336-1354

P: (509) 735-4927

VIN: JM1BL1SG8A1240392

Douglas Mcclure

17506 33RD DR SE, BOTHELL, WA 98012-8511

VIN: JM1BL1S67A1300895

E Dillman

15802 NE 203RD PL, WOODINVILLE, WA 98072-7022

VIN: JM1BL1SGXA1140777

Elizabeth Bright

24414 197th Ave SE, Maple Valley, WA 98038-8603

P: (425) 432-4657

VIN: JM1BL1H63A1259592

Elizabeth Dowd

521 5TH AVE W UNIT 1102, SEATTLE, WA 98119-4314

VIN: JM1BL1H60A1242054

Elizabeth Stock

14210 43rd Ave W, Lynnwood, WA 98087-1863

P: (425) 208-9906

VIN: JM1BL1H60A1141306

Emily Steele


VIN: JM1BL1SGXA1268131

Eric Lent

2406 4TH AVE W, SEATTLE, WA 98119-2660

VIN: JM1BL1S68A1222515

Eric Olmstead

2636 262ND PL SE, SAMMAMISH, WA 98075-7900

VIN: JM1BL1H60A1312751

Erin Greene

3023 14TH AVE W APT 405, SEATTLE, WA 98119-2065

VIN: JM1BL1SG9A1208065

Erin Morgan

2347 CASCADE WAY, LONGVIEW, WA 98632-5536

P: (360) 423-0173

VIN: JM1BL1SGXA1141458

Eugene Chan

14720 NE 35TH ST, BELLEVUE, WA 98007-8524

VIN: JM1BL1SG3A1293923

F Akins

2880 GISE ST, PORT TOWNSEND, WA 98368-6148

VIN: JM1BL1SG6A1224787

Flavio Rivera

22202 114TH ST E, BUCKLEY, WA 98321-9158

VIN: JM1BL1SG7A1338104

Frances Drake

1101 131ST ST S, TACOMA, WA 98444-2130

VIN: JM1BL1S62A1207573

Francisco Quinonez

15645 42ND AVE S, TUKWILA, WA 98188-2685

VIN: JM1BL1H61A1165226

Francisco Razo


VIN: JM1BL1S60A1135188

Frank Shin

2670 118TH AVE SE # 9-103, BELLEVUE, WA 98005-8127

VIN: JM1BL1SG0A1294205

Frederick Olsen

12704 SE 184TH PL, RENTON, WA 98058-7978

VIN: JM1BL1SGXA1217048

Frederick Woo

4436 119TH AVE SE, BELLEVUE, WA 98006-2738

VIN: JM1BL1H6XA1301398

Geoffrey Anderson

9736 NE 119TH WAY APT E214, KIRKLAND, WA 98034-7086

VIN: JM1BL1H64A1132222

George Hills


VIN: JM1BL1SG0A1255601

George Maier

22017 SE 4TH ST, SAMMAMISH, WA 98074-3713

VIN: JM1BL1S56A1206000

George Wilhelm

1414 SE 97TH AVE, VANCOUVER, WA 98664-3655

VIN: JM1BL1H62A1131800

Greg Heath

11719 81ST AVE NE, MARYSVILLE, WA 98271-7615

VIN: JM1BL1S64A1159395

Gregory Bowers

520 NE 98TH ST, SEATTLE, WA 98115-2139

VIN: JM1BL1H66A1259893

Gregory Heath

11719 81ST AVE NE, MARYSVILLE, WA 98271-7615

VIN: JM1BL1S64A1159395

Harold Huff

6114 55TH AVE NE, MARYSVILLE, WA 98270-4107

VIN: JM1BL1SG8A1295473

Heather Saunders

11800 NW 9TH AVE, VANCOUVER, WA 98685-3841

VIN: JM1BL1S65A1131511

Helen Bernard

3616 N 16th St, Tacoma, WA 98406-5711

VIN: JM1BL1S6XA1209670

Henry Justice

802 CHERRY CT, BREMERTON, WA 98310-3312

VIN: JM1BL1S62A1165003

Hong Truong

6835 VISTA AVE S, SEATTLE, WA 98108-3651

VIN: JM1BL1H65A1109838

Irene Mueller

4847 37TH AVE SW, SEATTLE, WA 98126-2723

VIN: JM1BL1S65A1210502

J Ang

275 W ROY ST APT 316, SEATTLE, WA 98119-4455

VIN: JM1BL1S60A1206678

J Eve

500 13TH AVE E, SEATTLE, WA 98102-5183

VIN: JM1BL1S60A1129326

James Clare

8541 58TH AVE SE, OLYMPIA, WA 98513-4746

VIN: JM1BL1SG1A1240301

James Eagen

4007 102ND STREET CT NW, GIG HARBOR, WA 98332-7827

VIN: JM1BL1SG5A1102745

James Hartl

13720 NE 94TH ST, REDMOND, WA 98052-6424

VIN: JM1BL1SG5A1255710

James Holtzman

3503 259TH WAY NE, REDMOND, WA 98053-3025

VIN: JM1BL1H66A1211195

James Leavitt

30117 3RD AVE NE, STANWOOD, WA 98292-7175

VIN: JM1BL1SG5A1241113

James Smoak

9935 NE 125TH LN APT 3, KIRKLAND, WA 98034-2749

VIN: JM1BL1H66A1164184

James Sutcliffe


VIN: JM1BL1S64A1223774

Janet Newton

1040 NE 120TH ST, SEATTLE, WA 98125-5004

VIN: JM1BL1H63A1203247

Janet Payton

606 Station Ln, Sumner, WA 98390-1050

P: (253) 826-3187

VIN: JM1BL1S6XA1242104

Janice Emery

22422 99TH AVE W, EDMONDS, WA 98020-5960

VIN: JM1BL1H60A1303032

Jason Bahr

6200 SOUNDVIEW DR APT D102, GIG HARBOR, WA 98335-2081

VIN: JM1BL1H63A1254408

Jason Bender

19717 117TH ST E, BONNEY LAKE, WA 98391-4603

VIN: JM1BL1H60A1136316

Jason Chastain

1612 ALAMOSA AVE, RICHLAND, WA 99352-8467

VIN: JM1BL1SG3A1167738

Jason Link

811 15TH AVE SW, PUYALLUP, WA 98371-7481

VIN: JM1BL1SGXA1192023

Jason Watt

530 BROADWAY E APT 405, SEATTLE, WA 98102-6228

VIN: JM1BL1H63A1133121

Jeffery Mccoy

2906 NE 168TH CIR, RIDGEFIELD, WA 98642-6932

VIN: JM1BL1SG6A1143806

Jennifer Connors

15707 44TH AVENUE CT E, TACOMA, WA 98446-5902

VIN: JM1BL1SG6A1140954

Jennifer Mack

4427 122ND PL SE, EVERETT, WA 98208-9119

VIN: JM1BL1SG4A1299245

Jenny Wang

18904 8TH AVE NW APT 128, SHORELINE, WA 98177-3045

VIN: JM1BL1S63A1181078

Jeong Yoon

11721 106TH AVE NE, KIRKLAND, WA 98034-3933

VIN: JM1BL1SG3A1325866

Jesse Lang

1740 DAVISON AVE, RICHLAND, WA 99354-2332

VIN: JM1BL1SG7A1321724

Jimmie James

16615 BOW HILL RD, BOW, WA 98232-9647

VIN: JM1BL1H66A1291694

Joan Nielsen

7224 SW 257TH CT, VASHON, WA 98070-8533

VIN: JM1BL1SG5A1242892

Joan Richter

6517 25TH AVE NE APT A, SEATTLE, WA 98115-7160

VIN: JM1BL1H65A1207266

Joanne Stevens

12215 N FAIRWOOD DR, SPOKANE, WA 99218-2936

VIN: JM1BL1SG1A1141896

Jocelyn Davis

16038 NE 94TH WAY, REDMOND, WA 98052-7545

VIN: JM1BL1SG3A1298961

Jodi Hamilton

8406 148TH STREET CT E, PUYALLUP, WA 98375-6909

VIN: JM1BL1SGXA1108654

Joe Engel

4503 SW DIRECTOR ST, SEATTLE, WA 98136-2438

VIN: JM1BL1S66A1160774

John Agnew

5111 NATHAN AVE SE, AUBURN, WA 98092-8790

VIN: JM1BL1SG2A1191383

John Denney

4501 GRANDVIEW DR W UNIT T121, TACOMA, WA 98466-1103

VIN: JM1BL1SG2A1231431

John Licata

15128 200TH AVE NE, WOODINVILLE, WA 98077-7815

VIN: JM1BL1SG5A1164193

John Minyard

110 HERLOU DR, SELAH, WA 98942-8842

VIN: JM1BL1SGXA1223240

John Wing

6206 N OAK ST, SPOKANE, WA 99205-6850

VIN: JM1BL1H67A1330082

Johnathan Shaw

PO BOX 538, OLALLA, WA 98359-0538

VIN: JM1BL1H67A1324251

Jolene Thompson

917 E HEMLOCK ST, KENT, WA 98030-6242

VIN: JM1BL1SG3A1164063

Jon Burt

1900 SW CAMPUS DR APT 15-104, FEDERAL WAY, WA 98023-6450

VIN: JM1BL1S61A1162352

Jon Odom

3921 208TH PL SE, BOTHELL, WA 98021-6948

VIN: JM1BL1SG2A1194011

Jonathan Burt

1900 SW CAMPUS DR APT 15-104, FEDERAL WAY, WA 98023-6450

VIN: JM1BL1S61A1162352

Jonathan Odom

3921 208TH PL SE, BOTHELL, WA 98021-6948

VIN: JM1BL1SG2A1194011

Jorge Caballero

14218 4TH PL W, EVERETT, WA 98208-6918

VIN: JM1BL1H62A1315909

Joseph Lembo

19624 105TH AVE SE, RENTON, WA 98055-7364

VIN: JM1BL1H6XA1226217

Joseph Sabo

6893 CREST DR SE, PORT ORCHARD, WA 98367-9050

VIN: JM1BL1SG7A1218092

Joseph Spooner

6108 NE 54TH ST, VANCOUVER, WA 98661-2224

VIN: JM1BL1SG0A1234229

Joshua Shaffer


VIN: JM1BL1SG9A1325922

Judith Forrest

1501 TACOMA AVE S UNIT 312, TACOMA, WA 98402-1813

VIN: JM1BL1SG1A1295573

Judith Shannon

3200 W COMMODORE WAY, SEATTLE, WA 98199-1164

VIN: JM1BL1H65A1304936

Julian Lewis

4306 NE 51ST AVE, VANCOUVER, WA 98661-3569

VIN: JM1BL1H68A1126648

Julie Oneill

PO BOX 1142, EATONVILLE, WA 98328-1142

VIN: JM1BL1SG1A1296268

June Blankenship

236 HAWKINS RD S, WINLOCK, WA 98596-9637

VIN: JM1BL1SG2A1302434

Karen Drake

19321 95TH AVE NE, ARLINGTON, WA 98223-8932

VIN: JM1BL1H61A1188201

Karen Lebeau

14308 SE 92ND ST, NEWCASTLE, WA 98059-3477

VIN: JM1BL1SG7A1164826

Kari Edwards

216 SW 155TH ST, BURIEN, WA 98166-2512

VIN: JM1BL1H60A1325600

Kari Young

11300 1ST AVE NE, SEATTLE, WA 98125-6087

VIN: JM1BL1S69A1166083

Karin Young

11300 1ST AVE NE, SEATTLE, WA 98125-6087

VIN: JM1BL1S69A1166083

Karl Tucker


VIN: JM1BL1S66A1280400

Karla Campbell

15520 63RD DR SE, SNOHOMISH, WA 98296-4228

VIN: JM1BL1H69A1323330

Katherine Davies

6728 16TH AVE NW, SEATTLE, WA 98117-5513

VIN: JM1BL1H62A1285326

Katherine Long

18123 72ND AVE S, KENT, WA 98032-1037

VIN: JM1BL1H69A1131678

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Mazda Mazda3 2010 Specs

$3,900–$11,812 Inventory Prices
148-hp, 2.0-liter I-4 (regular gas)
Combined MPG
25-29 Combined MPG
5-speed manual w/OD
Front-wheel Drive
Body Type
Warranty Bumper-to-Bumper
36 months / 36,000 miles
Warranty Roadside Assistance
36 months / 36,000 miles
Warranty Powertrain
60 months / 60,000 miles

Mazda Mazda3 2010 Reviews

Dash melting

My dash is melty and i was wondering if there was others out there too? Is there recalls about it? I did see there was one in 2016 but i didn'thave the issue til last summer had car year and half

by Jovi82 from Hodgenville on April 30, 2018

Mazda is the best alternatives to luxury cars

Mazda is in general an excellent choice if you want to feel like you drive a luxury car but you don't want to pay crazy prices. Beautiful inside and out with excellent drive feeling and MPG. The ...

by Alex from MD on June 11, 2018

Mazda Mazda3 2010 Ratings

Mazda Mazda3 2010 VINs