Mazda Mazda3 2010

4.7 (96 votes)


  • Optional navigation system
  • Redesigned for 2010
  • Sedan or hatchback
  • New 2.5-liter four-cylinder
  • Manual or automatic transmission


  • Clown-faced front-end styling
  • Faux-metal interior trim
  • Fuel economy compared to other small cars
  • Somewhat firm ride
  • Navigation system too small
  • Too much lumbar support for some


  • Manual shifter
  • 2.5-liter engine power
  • Handling
  • Upscale options
  • Hatchback versatility
  • Interior quality

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A Judith

736 S 13TH ST APT 24, BLAIR, NE 68008

VIN: JM1BL1S54A1197829

A Millet


VIN: JM1BL1SF3A1256846

Alan Blank

82733 547 AVE, MADISON, NE 68748-6156

VIN: JM1BL1SF0A1247506

Allen Sherman

15446 FARNAM CIR, OMAHA, NE 68154-2010

VIN: JM1BL1SF7A1211876

Allyson Smith

3510 HANCOCK ST LOT 29, BELLEVUE, NE 68005-5669

VIN: JM1BL1S59A1235121

Anne Bowman

1508 1ST AVE APT 1, NEBRASKA CITY, NE 68410-2200

VIN: JM1BL1SF4A1138854

Ashley Childers

6107 S 102ND AVE, OMAHA, NE 68127-5416

VIN: JM1BL1SFXA1254544

Ashley Hansen


VIN: JM1BL1SF1A1231749

Ashley Newton

8201 S 25TH ST, BELLEVUE, NE 68147-2132

VIN: JM1BL1SG7A1299143

Beverly Mcbride

9709 S 173RD ST, OMAHA, NE 68136-4209

VIN: JM1BL1SF6A1248014

Bonnie Gates

4737 S 79TH ST, OMAHA, NE 68127-2701

VIN: JM1BL1SF5A1244732

Carlos Zuluaga

6213 N 131ST AVE, OMAHA, NE 68164-1384

VIN: JM1BL1SF0A1142481

Charles Koster

10523 MONROE ST, OMAHA, NE 68127-4574

VIN: JM1BL1S58A1147502

Charles Oday

12403 SHAMROCK RD, OMAHA, NE 68154-3522

P: (402) 334-7107

VIN: JM1BL1S55A1223340

Claudia Myers

9205 TIMBERLINE DR, OMAHA, NE 68152-1764

VIN: JM1BL1SF6A1162458

Dean Keller

3761 D ST, LINCOLN, NE 68510-3545

VIN: JM1BL1SF3A1283612

Debra Adler

23425 COUNTY ROAD 28, ARLINGTON, NE 68002-5180

VIN: JM1BL1SF8A1350334

Denise Brill

1507 AVENUE P, SCOTTSBLUFF, NE 69361-4134

VIN: JM1BL1SF0A1306506

Edward Reiss

604 CRESTRIDGE RD, OMAHA, NE 68154-3125

VIN: JM1BL1SF8A1281208

Eric Samson

3304 S 116TH ST, OMAHA, NE 68144-4534

VIN: JM1BL1SF4A1198973

George Oconnell


VIN: JM1BL1S51A1198372

Jason Kaiser

651 S 184TH ST, ELKHORN, NE 68022-5681

VIN: JM1BL1S52A1197165

Jean Vogel

14902 BAUMAN AVE, OMAHA, NE 68116-3640

VIN: JM1BL1SF9A1338497

Jeffrey Knutson

7734 HASCALL ST, OMAHA, NE 68124-3466

VIN: JM1BL1SF3A1160294

Jennifer Disney

15934 FRANCES CIR, OMAHA, NE 68130-1760

VIN: JM1BL1SF7A1219640

Jessica Park

16115 COTTONWOOD AVE, OMAHA, NE 68136-3253

VIN: JM1BL1S56A1231916

Joe Grimes

16827 L CIR, OMAHA, NE 68135-1466

VIN: JM1BL1SF1A1127990

Joel Ward

8534 S 99TH CIR, LA VISTA, NE 68128-7007

VIN: JM1BL1SFXA1239767

John Spray

3425 S 17TH ST, LINCOLN, NE 68502-4808

VIN: JM1BL1SF3A1263604

Jordan Peterson

16609 ERSKINE ST, OMAHA, NE 68116-2560

VIN: JM1BL1H57A1186623

Judith Carey

9312 MAPLEWOOD BLVD, OMAHA, NE 68134-4634

VIN: JM1BL1SF0A1214358

Julie Hudson

16619 ADAMS ST, OMAHA, NE 68135-5357

VIN: JM1BL1SF8A1237175

Kali Johnson

6923 OAK PLZ APT 722, OMAHA, NE 68106-3443

VIN: JM1BL1SFXA1227361

Karen Gay

424 W LINDEN AVE, FREMONT, NE 68025-3368

VIN: JM1BL1S53A1146144

Karen Mcelroy

2046 N 49TH AVE, OMAHA, NE 68104

VIN: JM1BL1SFXA1331641

Katie Garcia

7749 GREENLEAF DR, LA VISTA, NE 68128-2767

VIN: JM1BL1SF8A1205570

Kelli Lambert

3839 MARTHA ST, OMAHA, NE 68105-3025

VIN: JM1BL1H51A1169137

Kevin Cave

3315 RAHN BLVD, BELLEVUE, NE 68123-2643

VIN: JM1BL1S59A1105498

Kristi Owen

101 S 13TH ST # 4, FORT CALHOUN, NE 68023-3535

VIN: JM1BL1S51A1137409

Larry Bragg

33 CAMELOT WAY, KEARNEY, NE 68845-4252

VIN: JM1BL1SFXA1185158

Linda Spaulding


VIN: JM1BL1SF7A1163733

Lisa Boyce

817 N 75TH ST, OMAHA, NE 68114-3125

VIN: JM1BL1S51A1147454

Lisa Yager

8611 MAKAHA CIR, PAPILLION, NE 68046-5616

P: (402) 593-1991

VIN: JM1BL1S52A1225921

Lloyd Mckee

2726 S 4TH ST, OMAHA, NE 68108-1714

VIN: JM1BL1H59A1161710

Maria Steele

2922 N 152ND ST, OMAHA, NE 68116-8137

VIN: JM1BL1SF7A1205205

Mario Lemus

PO BOX 1412, FREMONT, NE 68026-1412

VIN: JM1BL1SF9A1162406

Mark Franco

8920 N 96TH ST, OMAHA, NE 68122-2324

VIN: JM1BL1SF9A1217713

Melissa Collier

5718 S 91ST ST, OMAHA, NE 68127-3500

VIN: JM1BL1SF4A1245130

Melissa Farris

36701 MEADOW LN, LOUISVILLE, NE 68037-2898

VIN: JM1BL1SF1A1160231

Michael Lacroix


VIN: JM1BL1SF0A1184925

Michelle Holm

1130 DELMAR ST, PAPILLION, NE 68046-3089

VIN: JM1BL1SF9A1229019

Monica Hughes

9809 WESTCHESTER DR, OMAHA, NE 68114-3857

VIN: JM1BL1S59A1231571

Patrick Smart

12403 Buffalo Rd, Springfield, NE 68059-5110

P: (402) 253-2876

VIN: JM1BL1SF0A1181071

Rebecca Wolf

2717 N 123RD CIR, OMAHA, NE 68164-2503

P: (402) 492-9610

VIN: JM1BL1H59A1336831

Richard Box

508 LAUREL DR, BELLEVUE, NE 68005-4724

VIN: JM1BL1H5XA1140901

Richard Miner

817 LEAWOOD DR, OMAHA, NE 68154-2945

VIN: JM1BL1SF8A1219825

Richard Sheehy

1115 OSWEGO AVE, HASTINGS, NE 68901-3643

VIN: JM1BL1SF2A1209968

Robert Alderson

15393 AMY PLZ, OMAHA, NE 68137-1585

VIN: JM1BL1SF2A1205841

Robert Barrios

1420 14TH AVE, MITCHELL, NE 69357-1524

VIN: JM1BL1SF1A1183976

Sally Brooks

207 SPRUCE RD, FAIRBURY, NE 68352-5090

VIN: JM1BL1SF4A1163169

Samantha Ballard

408 S PINE ST, VALLEY, NE 68064-9720

VIN: JM1BL1SF5A1312527

Sandra Acker

4048 N 81ST AVENUE CIR, OMAHA, NE 68134-4259

VIN: JM1BL1SF3A1240081

Scott Waldron

15010 WYCLIFFE DR APT 2, OMAHA, NE 68154-4304

VIN: JM1BL1H59A1254131

Son Cao

1001 SUPERIOR ST, LINCOLN, NE 68521-4076

VIN: JM1BL1SFXA1163287

Steven Popp

804 FORT ST, PAPILLION, NE 68046-3512

VIN: JM1BL1SF5A1238851

Sylvia Watson

PO BOX 126, HERMAN, NE 68029-0126

VIN: JM1BL1H53A1134390

Timothy Liu

121 N 43RD ST APT 3, OMAHA, NE 68131

VIN: JM1BL1S58A1317745

Tommie Turner

8011 WEBER PLZ, OMAHA, NE 68122

VIN: JM1BL1SF2A1211851

W Emory

812 E 2ND ST, LOUISVILLE, NE 68037-6030

VIN: JM1BL1SF1A1262547

Wayne Mattson

650 W 21ST ST APT 113, FREMONT, NE 68025-2500

VIN: JM1BL1SF1A1258787

Adam Polen

5375 S 156TH CT APT 202, OMAHA, NE 68135-6418

VIN: JM1BL1H56A1170249

Adam Wisnia

15859 DECATUR ST, OMAHA, NE 68118-2380

VIN: JM1BL1SFXA1230552

Andrew Voyles

913 KNAPP DR, PAPILLION, NE 68046-6034

VIN: JM1BL1SF9A1212060

Angela Bergstrom

PO BOX 87, FUNK, NE 68940-0087

VIN: JM1BL1SF7A1130022

B Legendre

16603 EDNA ST, OMAHA, NE 68136-3058

VIN: JM1BL1SFXA1331610

Benjamin Legendre

16603 EDNA ST, OMAHA, NE 68136-3058

VIN: JM1BL1SFXA1331610

Bruce Kolar

50873 810TH RD, CEDAR RAPIDS, NE 68627-5019

VIN: JM1BL1SF0A1160284

Cynthia Kearns

5388 230TH LN, RUSHVILLE, NE 69360-5166

VIN: JM1BL1SF9A1283937

Elizabeth Keisling

15320 WIRT ST, OMAHA, NE 68116-8130

VIN: JM1BL1S57A1180927

Gary Moores

8545 S 103RD ST, LA VISTA, NE 68128-3233

VIN: JM1BL1S59A1339950

Geo Oconnell


VIN: JM1BL1S51A1198372

George Lerner

3201 N 216TH ST, ELKHORN, NE 68022

VIN: JM1BL1SF8A1218304

Gr Scholz

2506 JEFFERSON ST, BELLEVUE, NE 68005-5424

VIN: JM1BL1SF1A1206012

Jan Weidner

3741 PAXTON DR, LINCOLN, NE 68521-4136

VIN: JM1BL1S53A1161792

Jane Weidner

3741 PAXTON DR, LINCOLN, NE 68521-4136

VIN: JM1BL1S53A1161792

Janet Weidner

3741 PAXTON DR, LINCOLN, NE 68521-4136

VIN: JM1BL1S53A1161792

Jennifer Melander

3110 S 72ND ST APT 123, LINCOLN, NE 68506-3754

VIN: JM1BL1SFXA1254771

Jerry Bilstein

PO BOX 8, MITCHELL, NE 69357-0008

VIN: JM1BL1S56A1306775

Joan Fuoco

7110 S 42ND ST, LINCOLN, NE 68516-3048

VIN: JM1BL1SF8A1222286

Jody Pedro

1027 COUNTY ROAD H, OAKLAND, NE 68045-5042

VIN: JM1BL1SF1A1253508

Lorri Glover

5340 S 156TH CT APT 216, OMAHA, NE 68135-6428

VIN: JM1BL1SF3A1160358

Lynn Harimon

280588 HIGHLAND RD, MINATARE, NE 69356-4136

VIN: JM1BL1SF1A1159726

Marty Harrington

4127 W RIDGE LN, GRAND ISLAND, NE 68803-3934

VIN: JM1BL1SF7A1220562

Marty Harrington

4127 W RIDGE LN, GRAND ISLAND, NE 68803-3934

VIN: JM1BL1SF0A1250423

Mary Favara

917 S 130TH ST, OMAHA, NE 68154-2915

VIN: JM1BL1S57A1141125

Pat Mccandless

1318 S 136TH ST, OMAHA, NE 68144-1102

VIN: JM1BL1S53A1196932

Peter Longoria

11824 S 32ND ST, BELLEVUE, NE 68123-1411

VIN: JM1BL1H50A1336118

Renee Montemayor

7527 N 77TH TER, OMAHA, NE 68122-1548

VIN: JM1BL1H50A1329184

Roxanne Hanson

7804 N 101ST PLZ, OMAHA, NE 68122-1097

VIN: JM1BL1SF0A1319384

Stacy Vance

2115 LEIGH ST, PAPILLION, NE 68133-3313

P: (402) 597-2386

VIN: JM1BL1SF6A1296919

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Mazda Mazda3 2010 Specs

$3,900–$11,812 Inventory Prices
148-hp, 2.0-liter I-4 (regular gas)
Combined MPG
25-29 Combined MPG
5-speed manual w/OD
Front-wheel Drive
Body Type
Warranty Bumper-to-Bumper
36 months / 36,000 miles
Warranty Roadside Assistance
36 months / 36,000 miles
Warranty Powertrain
60 months / 60,000 miles

Mazda Mazda3 2010 Reviews

Dash melting

My dash is melty and i was wondering if there was others out there too? Is there recalls about it? I did see there was one in 2016 but i didn'thave the issue til last summer had car year and half

by Jovi82 from Hodgenville on April 30, 2018

Mazda is the best alternatives to luxury cars

Mazda is in general an excellent choice if you want to feel like you drive a luxury car but you don't want to pay crazy prices. Beautiful inside and out with excellent drive feeling and MPG. The ...

by Alex from MD on June 11, 2018

Mazda Mazda3 2010 Ratings

Mazda Mazda3 2010 VINs