Volvo XC70 2007

4.2 (16 votes)


  • Elevated ground clearance
  • AWD
  • Stability control
  • Turbocharged 208-hp inline-five-cylinder
  • SUV-like body trim
  • Geartronic five-speed automatic


  • Extra ground clearance only marginally helpful
  • Lack of real SUV attributes
  • Tame but satisfactory handling


  • Performance under most conditions
  • Quietness and solid construction
  • Highway ride and stability
  • Safety features
  • Rugged appearance

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Charles Richey

6130 Marina Pacifica Dr N, Long Beach, CA 90803-7009

VIN: YV4SZ592771274037

Ian Morris

798 Saxony Rd, Encinitas, CA 92024-2350

VIN: YV4SZ592171278522

J Merrick

815 Flora Vista Dr, Santa Barbara, CA 93109-1109

VIN: YV4SZ592571258452

John Merrick

815 Flora Vista Dr, Santa Barbara, CA 93109-1109

VIN: YV4SZ592571258452

Linda Koenig

1804 Royal Ave, Simi Valley, CA 93065-4510

VIN: YV4SZ592671259948

B Gish

84 Beekman Pl, Palm Desert, CA 92211-9042

VIN: YV4SZ592X71255353

Eduardo Berenblum

1835 FRANKLIN ST APT 201, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94109-3455

VIN: YV4SZ592471282838

Elizabeth Daschbach

2 Austin Ave, Atherton, CA 94027-3906

P: (650) 366-3444

VIN: YV4SZ592771270148

Volvo XC70 2007 Specs

$4,124–$10,588 Inventory Prices
208-hp, 2.5-liter I-5 (premium)
Combined MPG
21 Combined MPG
All-wheel Drive
Body Type

Volvo XC70 2007 Reviews

Smaller SUV

The XC70 is a good wagon to get, but you must stay on top of them. If you stay on top of them then you will enjoy this wagon that is really a small SUV.

by TASHONE from Philadelphia, Pa. on March 9, 2018

Best Volvo XC70 of the all

This is the ultimate SUV that's not an SUV. It's like having a sports car with lots of room to haul stuff. The car handles well and it never looses it's jump from a stop sign. And if you drive at ...

by ORvolvoLOVER from Portland, OR on March 22, 2018

Volvo XC70 2007 Ratings

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