Chevrolet Cavalier 1994

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Chevrolet Cavalier 1994 Specs

N/A Inventory Prices
118-hp, 2.2-liter I-4 (regular gas)
Combined MPG
28-30 Combined MPG
Body Type
Front-wheel Drive

Chevrolet Cavalier 1994 Reviews

Most reliable car I've owned

I bought a 1994 Chevy Cavalier in 2000 it had 50,000 miles on it when I bought it.2005 I started having some mecanical prolems with it and traded it in,it had over 3000,000 miles and not once in the ...

by victoria from ILLINOIS on September 8, 2010

1994 Cavalier

I have owned my little two door RS coupe since it was brand new! It was my first car. I still have it and it is going to be handed down to my son for his first car. I asked if he wanted something ...

by tatortot on February 22, 2014

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